Baroque coin holder

Baroque coin holder

Silver, partially gilded. Bell-shaped swinging body on a chamfered round base. Lip rim surrounded by profile lines with a contrasting smooth edge zone. Wall adorned with finely chiseled rocailles and volutes, interspersed with fifteen three-row offset coins, including various Mariengroschen and a Königsberger 3-groschen with a profile representation of Albrecht von Brandenburg (1525-1568) from the year 1558. Gilded on the inside. Marked, tremolier stroke, assay mark, Master Johann Christian Jacobi (became a master in 1750) or Johann Gabriel Jacobi (became a master in 1761). Weight approximately 130 g. Height 10 cm. See Scheffler, No. 5, No. 739 or 868. A German parcel-gilt silver coin beaker with Johann Christian Jacobi (master since 1750) or Johann Gabriel Jacobi (master since 1761). Gilt inside. Test, assay, and master's mark. German. Berlin. 3rd quarter 18th century.

18 Jul 2024

352 000,00


Country<Not determined>

Type Tableware

Lot location Leningrad Region. ( 47 )

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