Exquisite Hamburg Baroque Goblet

Exquisite Hamburg Baroque Goblet

Silver, partially gilded. A conically expanding body with multiple profiled lip edge. The base and rim are accentuated by narrow profile lines of varying widths. The surface is adorned with finely engraved flowing bands, tassels, festoons, and fruit garlands, among others, featuring prominently depicted pomegranates. Below the lip edge, there is a delicately engraved ornamental band with acanthus leaf tendrils. The interior is gilded. Created by the esteemed master Heinrich von Dort (active since 1676). Weighs approximately 115 grams. Height is 9 cm. Provenance: From the silver collection of Werner Hauger, Baden-Baden. See Schliemann, Vol. I, No. 275 and Vol. II, No. 45 II. Also refer to Vol. III, Figures 337, 338 (beaker type and decor). An exquisite German Baroque parcel-gilt silver beaker by Heinrich von Dort (active since 1676). Gilt inside. Assay, master's, and assay master's mark "C". German, Hamburg, 1688-1698.

14 May 2024

572 000,00


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Type Tableware

Lot location Nizhny Novgorod region. ( 52 )

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