Barocker Fußbecher translates to "Baroque foot cup" in English.

Серебряный кубок

Silver, partially gilded. Rising high on a flat surface, surrounded by narrow profile lines and a chamfered rounded base, the bell-shaped cup swings slightly. It is adorned with a double row of arranged profile lines and a set lip edge. The lower half of the wall is surrounded by a relief-plastically driven tongue frieze, decorated with finely punched alternating leaf decor and crowned with stylized diamond-shaped leaves. Gilded on the inside. Designed, tremolo stroke, assay marks, mostly by Master Matthäus II Baur (became a master around 1681) and the tax stamp for Paris (1687-1691). Weight approximately 95 g. Height 8 cm. Provenance: From the silver collection of Werner Hauger, Baden-Baden. See Selig 2007, No. 1776, BZ 0950 f.; also in Volume II of 1980, Figure 376 (decor and form), as well as Rosenberg, Volume IV, No. 6458. A German Baroque parcel-gilt silver beaker by Matthäus II Baur (master since around 1681). Gilt inside. Test, assay and master's mark and French tax mark (1687-1691). German. Augsburg. 1689-1692.

03 Dec 2023

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