Great Baroque Stem Goblet


Silver, partially gilded. Slightly curved, surrounded by fine, curved gadroons, transitioning into a multiply profiled corpus attachment and conically expanding wall, ending in a narrow lip. On the front side, an oval cartouche with engraved coat of arms of the Berens family and the date "1754". Corresponding date on the underside. Gilded on the inside. Maker's mark, assay mark, and year letter "A", indicating the work of master Johann Diedrich Rehwald/Rehwaldt (became a master in 1738). Weight approximately 310 grams. Height 17.5 cm. See Leistikow, Baltic Silver, p. 305, 327; Further beakers by the same master on p. 113 ff., fig. 185, 187, 188. Beaker with the same coat of arms, fig. 189. A large Baltic Baroque parcel-gilt silver beaker by Johann Diedrich Rehwald/Rehwaldt (master since 1738) with engraved coat of arms by the Berens family. Gilt on the inside. Assay and master's mark, date letter "A". Baltic region. Riga. 1749-1756.

03 Dec 2023

792 000,00


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Lot location Saint Petersburg ( 78 )

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