The fascinating world of porcelain

Porcelain figurines are not only objects of art, they are the epitome of elegance and sophistication. Their subtlety and detail create an atmosphere of elegance and luxury in any interior.

The magical world of colors

Painting is not just paintings, it is an inspiration that touches our feelings and emotions. It can become a source of inspiration and joy in your life, as well as a wonderful gift for you or friends.

Fixed auction price

Have you heard about fixed - price auctions yet ? No? Well, I'll tell you! This is when a product or service is sold for a certain amount, no bidding and shamanism, just for free! But be careful, sometimes the price can be quite a bit!

Log in to the auction

Convenience and speed: Access to the auction through a Google account allows you to reduce the time for registration and login. You just select the "Log in with Google" option and find yourself in the world of auctions without any extra effort!

New lots

Features of the trading platform


At the auction, the seller puts his works up for sale at a fixed price. Then the buyer can either buy at this price, or offer his own price, but it must be at least 80 percent of the cost of the work. The auction continues until the seller agrees to the proposed price.

We offer a wide range of art objects, including paintings, sculptures, engravings and much more. You can find a work of art that suits you individually..

Our team of experts is always ready to help and answer all your questions. We can provide advice on works of art, help with the evaluation and selection of lots.

Trading platform categories

How to start buying at auction


To participate in the auction, you need to log in. Enter your personal data and create an account.Access to the auction via a Google account allows you to reduce the time for registration and login


Determine your budget for the auction. Please note that it is possible to set the minimum and maximum bet amount. Remember that prices can rise quickly at an auction!

Don't forget, it's important to enjoy the process at the auction and raise the bids wisely. Good luck to you and have a nice auction!