1893 год - Countess Butylka.



A beautiful pitcher from the late 19th century, France, is offered for sale.

Height is 25 cm, the design is an engraving on glass.

Authenticity guaranteed 100%! Most reliable packaging, additional photos in the lot description.

The item represents antique and collectible interest (№DK-12).

LUXURY! - in EXCELLENT CONDITION, WITHOUT CHIPS, CRACKS, OR RESTORATIONS !!! The antique item offered to your attention is a witness of a bygone era and is dedicated to the conclusion of a military-political alliance between Russia and France, which became the main vector of the foreign policy of the two states in 1891-1917 and preceded the creation of the Triple Entente.

"The Franco-Russian alliance changed the course of world history. The current position of France, Germany, and Russia is a consequence of this. In this context, this alliance is the key event of the 19th century" (Charles Corbe).

In 1891, the French fleet, under the command of Admiral Gervais, made an unprecedented visit to the Russian naval base in Kronstadt, during which Alexander III, standing on the deck of one of the French ships, listened to the revolutionary "Marseillaise". Two years later, the Russian fleet made a return visit to Toulon. This exchange of visits made it clear to all of Europe that France and Russia had entered into an alliance. Indeed, the two states signed a secret treaty a month after the visit to Kronstadt, and a military agreement at the end of 1893.

16 May 2024

Lot location Saint Petersburg ( 78 )

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