Smaller Baroque Goblet

Smaller Baroque Goblet

Silver, partially gilded. Almost cylindrical shape with a profiled, slightly flared lip rim. Smooth wall with a wide border, delineated by narrow profile lines. Engraved coat of arms in an oval on the visible side, framed by a laurel leaf wreath. Engraved initials "T. v. D." on the bottom underside. Gilded on the inside. Created by the master Jeremiah II Flicker (became a master in 1610). Weight approximately 115 g. Height 7.5 cm. Compare with Seling 2007, BZ 0240, No. 1246. A small German Baroque parcel-gilt silver beaker with engraved coat of arms by Jeremiah II Flicker (master since 1610). Monogrammed on the underside. Gilt inside. Assay, test, and master's mark. German. Augsburg. 1616-1620.

15 Jun 2024

396 000,00


Country<Not determined>

Type Tableware

Lot location Udmurtia ( 18 )

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