Rococo Foot Beaker

Серебряный кубок

Silver, partially gilded. Flat round base transitioning into a chamfered stand and conically expanding body with multiple profiled edge. Smooth wall adorned on one side with finely chiseled intertwined monogram. Created by the esteemed master Henri Masseron (became a master in 1767). Weighs approximately 100 grams. Height measures 10 cm. See Scheffler, Berlin, NBZ 8b, No. 1080, MZ 192. A German Rococo parcel gilt silver beaker by Henri Masseron (master since 1767). Monogrammed. Gilt on the inside. Tested, assayed, and marked by the master. Berlin, around 1770.

24 Jun 2024

165 000,00


Country<Not determined>

Type Tableware

Lot location Yakutia ( 14 )

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