Great Baroque Stem Goblet

Great Baroque Stem Goblet

Silver, partially gilded. Rising in a rounded, curved and encompassing narrow frieze, the smooth corpus is surrounded by a conical stand that swings wide towards the edge. The border is accentuated by narrow profile lines. Above and below, framed by finely and masterfully engraved strapwork borders with pendant tassels over punched ground. Gilded inside. Designed by the master Johann Sigmund Abrell (became a master in 1676). Weight approximately 245 g. Height 13 cm. Provenance: From the silver collection of Werner Hauger, Baden-Baden. See Selig, 2007, No. 1440, 1735; also in Volume II of 1980, Figure 378 (further cups by the master), 1034-1037 (decor). A large German Baroque parcel-gilt silver bar cup by Johann Sigmund Abrell (master since 1676). Gilt inside. Tested, assayed and marked by the master. German. Augsburg. 1713-1719.

08 Jun 2024

572 000,00


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Type Tableware

Lot location Ryazan Oblast. ( 62 )

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