Small Baroque footstool

Маленький барочный футбекер

Silver, fully gilded. Round, convex base, transitioning into a short, strongly tapered shaft and wide, gently ascending, slightly conical cup. The base and cup are adorned with tongue-like gadroons. Below the border area, defined by delicate profile lines, there is a broad border decorated with relief-plastic volute tendrils. Gilded on the inside. Created by the esteemed master Johann Philipp Gross (became a master in 1689), with the hallmark for Austria, Vienna, until 1824. Approximate weight: 110 g. Height: 6.5 cm. See Seling 2007, No. 1300, 1838; Lanz/Schmid/Strahlam, Silver of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, p. 20; also refer to Overzier, Deutsche Silber, p. 49, Fig. 52 (form and decor). A small German Baroque gilt silver footed beaker by Johann Philipp Gross (master since 1689). Assay and master's mark, remarking for Austria, Vienna until 1824. German. Augsburg. Around 1713-1717.

01 Jun 2024

308 000,00


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Type Tableware

Lot location Murmansk region. ( 51 )

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