Great Ohlauer Baroque Goblet

Серебряный стаканчик

Silver, partially gilded. Conical body with smooth, contrasting edge. Lower wall half adorned with three-rowed, intertwined circular ornaments, within which stylized flowers are depicted. Upper wall half finely engraved in the form of leaf tendrils, alternating with relief sculpted crowned hearts. Engraved on the base is the owner's name "Rudolph Kätzler," dated 1710. Trembling stroke, inspection marks, master Gottfried Kittel (became a master in 1697). Weight approximately 160 g. Height 14.7 cm. See Hinze, Schlesien, No. 65f, p. 151, Type V and p. 152; Rosenberg, Volume III, No. 4333. A Silesian parcel gilt Baroque silver beaker by Gottfried Kittel (master since 1697). Monogrammed and dated. Assay and master's mark. Schlesien, Ohlau, around 1710.

03 Dec 2023

528 000,00


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Lot location Tambov region. ( 68 )

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