Fine Baroque Box


Silver. Over a flat stand, an eight-fold ribbed body with a smooth, faceted wall and hinged lid. The lid is adorned with a delicate, wavy decorative band, divided into two parts, with the edge slightly chamfered and centrally curved. Correspondingly designed, the stand is low and displayed. A visible push button serves as a closure. Signed, tremolo stroke, hallmark, master Lambrecht von der Burg (became a master in 1697), date letter "S". Weight approximately 155 g. Height 3.9 cm, 9.4 cm x 9.4 cm. See also reference to Andren, p. 34-35, fig. 34 and p. 90, fig. 442, 444, 446: here a nearly identical box from the year 1704 by another master is depicted in the catalog of the National Museum Munich, Swedish Silver, 1991, fig. to no. 14. A fine Swedish Baroque silver lidded box by Lambrecht von der Burg (master since 1697). Test, assay and master's mark, date letter "S". Sweden, Stockholm. 1706.

03 Jun 2024

209 000,00




Type Decorative items

Lot location Tomsk region. ( 70 )

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