of a decorative bowl with a wedding procession and a fountain, based on the model

Муранская темно-синяя стеклянная чаша с золотым и эмалевым украшением, вдохновленная свадебной чашей или кубком Баровьер («коппа нузиале»)

The "Coppa Nuziale" is a dark blue glass bowl. It has a bell shape and stands on a small base, with a broken edge at the bottom. The decoration is done in polychrome enamel and gold painting. The "Coppa Nuziale" features portraits of the bridal couple and figurative scenes by Angelo Barovier (in the Murano Glass Museum in Venice). It was most likely created around 1470-1480 to commemorate a princely wedding. It measures 10 cm in height and 13 cm in diameter. Provenance: According to information from the previous owner, it comes from the collection of Uwe Friedleben, Hanover; collection of Inge Brück. A Murano dark blue glass bowl with gold and enamel decoration, inspired by the Barovier wedding bowl or goblet ("coppa nuziale"). Italy, Murano, 19th/20th century.

03 Dec 2023

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