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KPM (Knallegårdens E.B. Design)

Фарфоровая чаша, нарисованная голландскими пейзажами

Round shape. On both sides of the wall, different Dutch landscape or genre scenes with riders or field workers in front of impressive architecture in polychrome painting. In the mirror, colorful flower arrangements. Purple-colored, surrounded by gold vines, scalloped edge and gold lace border. Restored. Scepter mark. Height 8 cm. Diameter 17 cm. A porcelain bowl painted with Dutch landscapes. Restored. Scepter mark. KPM-Berlin. Around 1770.

12 Feb 2024

57 900,00



YearОколо 1770 года

By the manufacturer KPM (Knallegårdens E.B. Design)

Type Decorative items

Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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