Decorative cup with "fleurs en terrasse" design from KPM-Berlin

KPM (Knallegårdens E.B. Design)

Декоративная чаша с дизайном "цветы на террасе" от KPM-Берлин.

On the lower dish. "Antique smooth". Cylinder-shaped body, with a side-angled handle "à la grecque". On the wall and the flag, there is an all-around frieze-like decoration "fleurs en terrasse" with grasses, stems, and various colored flowers, framed by a wide ornamental border. Polychrome painting with gold staffage. Partially rubbed/chipped/hairline cracks. Scepter mark. Height 6 cm. The decoration originally comes from a royal table service, which was also adorned with mascaron heads and an apple green background ribbon. Kollmann/Jarchow, Berlin porcelain, Vol. II, No. 443; Catalogue Berlin Porcelain 1763-1850, Westphalian State Museum, p. 170f. A porcelain cup and saucer finely painted with "fleurs en terrasse" decor. Partly rubbed/chipped/hairline crack. Sceptre mark. KPM-Berlin. Circa 1795.

07 Jun 2024

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By the manufacturer KPM (Knallegårdens E.B. Design)

Type Decorative items

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