Small, decorative egg container.

Small, decorative egg container.

In the style of Karl Fabergé, this piece is made of silver, partially gilded, and enameled. It takes the form of a blooming flower, with a curved and displayed stand made of nephrite, transitioning into a short shaft. Mounted on top is an egg-shaped element, featuring stylized leaf wreaths and palmette decorations. The egg is centrally hinged, with a surface covered in wave-like guilloche engraving and enamel in a sunny yellow color. The interior is gilded. Created in the 20th century in Russia, this box is partly gilded silver and nephrite, shaped like an egg, in the style of Karl Fabergé. The inside is gilded, and it bears the standard mark "88".

03 Jul 2024

156 600,00




Type Decorative items

Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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