Extraordinary small Baroque humpen

Барочный пуф

Silver, fully gilded. The cylindrical body with a rounded, convex, and multiple-profiled base is adorned with a smooth, profiled edge and a narrow lip. The upper and lower halves of the walls are embellished with finely chiseled ornamental bands of strapwork and flower calyxes over a punched ground. The hinged lid, ascending in steps, features a wide, protruding edge and a centrally engraved, ligated monogram. The base and lid are surrounded by narrow, evenly spaced gadroons. The voluted, two-part thumb rest and ear handle are adorned with an applied pearl band. Marked, tremoliered stroke, assay marks, date letter "B", Master George Kahler the Elder (became a master in 1702). Weight approximately 365 g. Height 12 cm. See Hinze, The Breslau Goldsmiths, Plate II, Fig. 15, 30, and Plate IV, Fig. 125, as well as page 96. An exceptional small Wroclaw Baroque gilt silver lidded tankard by George Kahler the Older (master since 1702). Gilt inside. Tested, assayed, and marked with the master's mark, date letter "B". Silesia, Breslau, 1712-1721.

03 Dec 2023

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