Extraordinary Baroque gown

Барочный хампен

Silver, partially gilded. Over profiled, strongly curved round base cylindrical body with hinged, correspondingly curved lid and two-part, rolled thumb rest. Smooth wall with wide, delicately profiled and -ringed border zone. Three oval, engraved cartouches all around, framed by volutes, acanthus leaves and flanked by cherub heads with allegorical figure representations in architectural landscapes, namely "NONVI", "PATIENTIA" and "SOLERTIA". Stand, bottom side and lid with a total of 16 inserted coins, including a taler from 1630 with Archduke Leopold V of Austria-Tyrol as well as a so-called speciedaler with Christian IV of Norway and Denmark, Copenhagen, 1628. Lateral ear handle. Gilded inside. Engraved, hallmarks, mostly by master Georg Conrad Kressel (became a master around 1699). Weight approx. 490 g. Height 16 cm. A pewter tankard, so-called Briotkrug, by Isaac Faust (Strasbourg, 1623) with comparable allegorical representations and inscriptions is depicted in Boucaud/Frégnac, Pewter, p. 102, fig. 129 as well as in the Württembergisches Landesmuseum, Stuttgart. Inv. No. [G 9,485]. Cf. Scheffler, Berlin, BZ 4d, No. 253. An exceptional German Baroque parcel-gilt silver tankard with coins by Georg Conrad Kressel (master since around 1699). Gilt inside. Assay and master's mark. German. Berlin. Around 1727.

05 Jun 2024

1 210 000,00


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Type Tableware

Lot location Kurgan region. ( 45 )

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