Very rare, small Renaissance lid jug

Серебрянная кружка

Silver, fully gilded. On a curved, tongue-freed stand with a slightly protruding base ring, a cylindrical body transitions into a narrow, profiled lip rim. The wall is faceted and adorned with embossed decorative bands, above and below which are two rows of longitudinally driven, punched buckles with volute decoration. The hood-like hinged lid, corresponding to the wall, is adorned with an encircling decorative band of interlocking volutes and crowned with a small knob in the form of a sculpted rosette made of twisted silver threads, so-called "Schmeck". Lateral, narrow and voluted ear handle with pearl decoration ending in a stylized leafwork thumb rest with openwork thumb rest. On the bottom, a large engraved coat of arms of the old Silesian noble family von Kreckwitz, with three fish arranged in a tripartite shield with a common head, as well as the monogram "A.G.V.K." probably for Adam Gallus von Kreckwitz and dated "1629". Gilded on the inside. Made, marked, and signed by master Nicolaus Weiß (became a master in 1613). Weight approximately 220 g. Height 11 cm. See catalog "Germanisches Nationalmuseum", Vol. I, Part 1, MZ 946, BZ 13; to this, Vol. I, Part 2, Fig. 537, a comparable tankard by the same master in the Iparművészeti Múzeum in Budapest, as well as catalog "Schöner Trinken", Basel 2022, cat. no. 108, 119, two Nuremberg tankards around 1620 with similar form and decoration. A very rare small Nuremberg Renaissance gilt silver tankard by Nicolaus Weiß (master since 1613). With coat of arms of old Silesian noble family von Kreckwitz and monogrammed. Gilt inside. Assay and master's mark. German. Nuremberg. Around 1629.

09 Feb 2024

1 210 000,00


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Type Tableware

Lot location Kabardino-Balkaria ( 7 )

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