Baroque Fire Bowl

Ручная чаша

Silver, partially gilded. Oval, eight-pass curved body. In smooth mirror relief, delicately chased and finely punched fruit bundles. Ascending, wave-shaped rim with relief-plastically worked C-curves and shell decoration. On the sides, two volute handles. Engraved, tremolo stroke, assay marks, master Hans III Petrus (became a master around 1621), re-punching stamp for France, Paris. Weight approximately 105 g. Height 3.7 cm. 12.7 cm x 14.3 cm. Compare Seling 2007, No. 1360, BZ 0460; Rosenberg, Vol. IV, No. 6614. A German Baroque parcel-gilt handled bowl by Hans III Petrus (master since around 1621). Test mark, assay and master's mark. French remarking. German. Augsburg. Around 1634-1635.

03 Dec 2023

242 000,00


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