Rarer Baroque Chalice

Rarer Baroque Chalice

Silver, fully gilded. Round, small stepped hollow foot, framed by single-row tongue ornaments alternating with staff and dot decoration over punched ground. Short, multi-jointed and partially buckled baluster shaft at the base with flower-shaped disc nodus, transitioning into an eight-fold drawn, jointed, and conical cuppa. The interior of the cuppa designed in the form of an open flower. Engraved, tremolo stroke, inspection marks, Master Matthias Schwäger (became a master around 1623). Weight approximately 190 g. Height 15 cm. Compare Seling, 2007, No. 0450, 1394; also see Volume II from 1980, Figure 117 (upper half of the cuppa). Provenance: From the silver collection of Werner Hauger, Baden-Baden. A rare German Baroque gilt silver chalice by Matthias Schwäger (master around 1623). Test, assay, and master's mark. Augsburg. 1634-1635.

03 Dec 2023

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