Late classical table centerpiece

Серебряная чаша

Silver, partially gilded. Long oval hollow foot, strongly tapering towards the center and ending in a short baluster shaft with wide swinging, corresponding oval bowl. Shaft articulated by ornamented, umbrella-shaped nodus. Stand and cup adorned with relief-plastic, surrounding laurel leaf festoons, divided by stylized flowers. In the recessed mirror, a central four-leafed flower rosette. Marked 13 lot, assay mark, tax exemption stamp (1810-1824). Weight approximately 705 g. Height 22.5 cm, 28.2 cm x 23 cm. See Rosenberg Vol. IV, No. 7887, 7986; Lanz/Schmid/Strahlm, Silver of the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy, p. 21, 207. An Austrian-Hungarian late Neoclassical parcel-gilt silver footed bowl. Standard mark 13 lot, assay and tax mark. Austria-Hungary, Lemberg. Circa 1811.

01 Jul 2024

154 000,00


Country<Not determined>

Type Tableware

Lot location Crimea ( 91 )

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