Elegant Baroque Sugar Box

Elegant Baroque Sugar Box

Silver. Over four stylized hoof feet, oval, pressed, bulging, wavy corpus with elegantly smooth walling. Corresponding, arched hinged lid, centrally adorned with a fully plasticized floral branch as a knob. Gilded inside. Signed, tremolo stroke, assay marks, master Samuel Bardet (became master in 1759). Weight approximately 260 g. Height 12 cm. 13.5 cm x 9.5 cm. See Seling 2007, No. 2453, BZ 2560. A German Baroque silver sugar box by Samuel Bardet (master since 1759). Gilt inside. Tested, assayed, and master's mark. German. Augsburg. 1781-1783.

21 Jun 2024

330 000,00


Country<Not determined>

Type Tableware

Lot location Kostroma region. ( 44 )

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