Rococo - Mustard Pot

Горшочек для горчицы

Silver. Over rounded, bulging stand baluster-shaped, widening corpus, articulated by wavy, curved lines. High bulging, slightly recessed hinged lid with fully plastic flower bud as a knob and recess for a spoon. Small, voluted ear handle on the side with a matching curved thumb rest. Gilded inside. Signed, master Gottfried Lütken (became master in 1758). Weight approximately 220 g. Height 19.5 cm. Compare Seling 2007, No. 2451, BZ 2480. A German Rococo lidded silver mustard pot by Gottfried Lütken (master since 1758). Gilt inside. Assay and master's mark. German. Augsburg. 1775-1777.

03 Dec 2023

242 000,00


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Lot location Lipetsk region. ( 48 )

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