Classical Sugar Box

Серебряная сахарница

Silver. Four stylized leaf feet, transitioning into oval, curved body. Below the wall rim, a relief-plastically driven pearl rod frieze, surrounded by festoons made of laurel leaf vines. Hinged, slightly domed lid centrally adorned with flower-shaped rosette, framed by a four-pass curved leaf and flower wreath. Narrow thumb rest. Gilded inside. Signed, tremolo stroke, assay marks, master Daniel Matignon (became office master around 1763). Weight approx. 240 g. H. 10 cm. 14 cm x 10.8 cm. Cf. Scheffler, Berlin, BZ 10, No. 993, MZ 182; Comparable sugar boxes by the same master, cf. fig. 56, 63, 64. A German Neoclassicism silver sugar box by Daniel Matignon (office master around 1763). Gilt inside. Assay and master's mark. German. Berlin. Around 1779.

05 Jun 2024

308 000,00


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Type Tableware

Lot location Ryazan Oblast. ( 62 )

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