Silesian Baroque Sugar Box

Серебряная сахарница

Silver. Of four exhibited, rolled volute feet oval, pressed bulging corpus. Centrally arched hinged lid decorated with concentrically arranged decorative lines and articulated by radially shaped vertical pulls. Walling correspondingly surrounded by wide pulls. Gilded inside. Signed, tremolo stroke, assay marks, master Johann Georg Pfister (became master in 1727). Approx. 170 g. H. 7.5 cm. 13 cm x 10.5 cm. Compare Hinze, Schlesien, p. 56. A Silesian Baroque silver sugar box by Johann Georg Pfister (master since 1727). Gilt inside. Tested, assay and master's mark. Schlesien. Neisse. Around 1729.

03 Dec 2023

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