Small Baroque Box

Серебряная шкатулка

Silver. Oval shape with straight, smooth walls. Slightly curved hinged lid, centrally adorned with an oval medallion and a large leaf volute over a punched ground. The rim is surrounded by relief sculpted pearl and tongue frieze. Gilded on the inside. Signed, tremolo stroke, assay marks, master Johann Conrad Weiß (became master in 1699). Weight approximately 45 g. Height 2.5 cm. 6.3 cm x 5 cm. See catalog Germanisches Nationalmuseum, volume I, part 1, BZ 32, number 943. See also volume 1, part 2, page 969, figure 683 (typus). A small Nuremberg silver box by Johann Conrad Weiß (master since 1699). Gilt inside. Test, assay, and master's mark. German. Nuremberg. 1707-1715.

03 Dec 2023

187 000,00


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TypeDecorative items

Lot location Pskov Region. ( 60 )

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