Classical ladle

Классическая половник

Silver. Ovoid, deeply molded bowl, transitioning into a long, spade-shaped, edge-profiled and lightly curved handle. Handle termination adorned with engraved leaf wreaths, flowers, and ribbons. Interior of the bowl gilded. Maker's mark, assay mark, most likely for Andreas Sebastian Mielach (master since 1778) or his son and his wife, who continued the workshop after Mielach's death in 1795 for several years. Weight approximately 155 g. Length 33.5 cm. Compare Seling, 2007, BZ 2670 or BZ 3150, no. 2564 or no. 2694. A German Neoclassical parcel-gilt silver soup ladle, probably by Andreas Sebastian Mielach (master since 1768) or his successors. Assay and master's mark. German. Augsburg. Circa 1800.

12 Feb 2024

86 800,00



YearОколо 1800 года

Type Tableware

Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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