Small Meissen teapot with woodcut flowers


Маленький фарфоровый чайник Мейссен с  цветами

Depressed, spherical body. Laterally curved J-handle with ribbed and leaf relief, as well as a short, curved spout in the shape of an animal's head in purple staffage. Slightly raised lid with a sculpted pinecone knob. On both sides of the wall, large-scale woodcut flowers surrounded by insects in the style of J. G. Klinger. Polychrome, shaded painting. Brown contour lines. Painter's signature "H" in purple. Minimal restoration; crossed swords mark. Height 9.5 cm. See here Pietzsch, catalog Wark, no. 502; catalog Porzellansammlung, Museum Köln, illustration 101. A small porcelain tea jug finely painted with shadowed "woodcut flowers" and insects in the manner of J. G. Klinger. Painter's signature. Minor restoration. Crossed swords mark. Meissen. Around 1740.

13 May 2024

289 100,00




By the manufacturer Meissen

Type Tableware

Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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