Snake handle vase with flower decoration


Ваза с ручкой в виде змеи и декором из цветов

Following the example of Meissen. Amphora-shaped body, surrounded by relief ornament borders. Lateral handles in the form of a winding pair of snakes, growing from acanthus. On both sides of the wall, a large, colorful flower bouquet, surrounded by individual small bouquets in polychrome painting. Gold staffage, damaged. Manufacturer's mark. Height: 52.5 cm. A snake-handled porcelain vase painted with flower decor. Partly rubbed. Manufacturer's mark. Meissen Oven and Porcelain Factory AG, formerly C. Teichert. Around 1900.

11 Feb 2024

180 700,00



YearОколо 1900 года.

By the manufacturer Meissen

Type Вазы

Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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