The exquisite green pasture in front of the monumental alpine landscape: Erler creates an atmosphere through the play of light and shadows.

Erich Erler.

Изысканное зеленое пастбище перед монументальным альпийским пейзажем: Эрлерс создает атмосферу через игру света и тени

(1870 Frankenstein - 1946 Icking/Munich) Cowherd in Engadin. Depicted on a lush-green, well-tended high pasture in front of monumental, rugged Alpine scenery, which is set in scene through an extremely effective play of light and shadow, is a simple cowherd with her cattle. This representative work by Erlers, who became known primarily for his motifs from Engadin, is a trained book printer who initially worked as an editor and initially created predominantly drawings. In 1898, Erlers stayed in Samaden (Samedan) in Engadin for the treatment of his tuberculosis. There he became acquainted with the painter colleague Giovanni Segantini, who had a lasting influence on his choice of motifs and his painting style. Based on this, Erlers developed his own, flat stylized painting style with clear forms and vibrant colorism in his lyrical high mountain landscapes. Oil on canvas; signed; 95.5 cm x 100.5 cm. Framed.

15 May 2024

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Author Erich Erler.

Style Genre painting

Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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