Statuette of Spaniel.

Leningrad Plant named after Lomonosov

Статуэтка СпаниэльСтатуэтка СпаниэльСтатуэтка СпаниэльСтатуэтка СпаниэльСтатуэтка Спаниэль
Статуэтка Спаниэль

Porcelain figurine "Spaniel". Russia, Lomonosov Porcelain Factory. The hallmark dates back to 1960-1969. Dimensions: height 14 cm, length 24 cm. In the beautifully executed figurine "Spaniel" by Lomonosov Porcelain Factory, every detail is skillfully crafted. The painting in natural colors emphasizes the natural texture of the fur, and in the expression, the true loyalty of a dog is vividly conveyed. Russian spaniels are excellent dogs for both hunting and companionship, and they have been beloved pets of many Soviet citizens.

This breed first appeared in the Russian Empire on the hunting estates owned by the royal family, but the official standard was only adopted in 1951. Intelligent and friendly animals became faithful companions to many Soviet citizens. The craftsmen of the Leningrad factory captured the grace and charm of this amazing breed in porcelain. Condition: excellent preservation, no cracks, chips, or damages. Age 1960-1969, LFZ mark, size 14 cm width, 24 cm height, material porcelain.

06 Dec 2023

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By the manufacturerLeningrad Plant named after Lomonosov


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