Statuette of a Dog

Leningrad Plant named after Lomonosov

Statuette of a DogStatuette of a DogStatuette of a DogStatuette of a Dog
Statuette of a Dog

Porcelain figurine "Dog". USSR, Leningrad Porcelain Factory. The stamp dates back to 1960-1961. Dimensions: height 13 cm, length 25 cm. The animalistic porcelain sculpture from the Leningrad Porcelain Factory depicts a proud, independent, and elegant lying Dog.

The figure is beautifully painted. The author of the sculpture is Riznich I. I. Porcelain figurines have long been objects of collection, decorative elements, and simply gifts for the soul, the value of which is very significant. Over the years, the fashion for porcelain figurines and figures does not disappear, but unfortunately, it is gaining increasing popularity.

Ivan Ivanovich Riznich was born in St. Petersburg. In 1926, he graduated from an art school in Pavlovsk near Leningrad. In 1927, the young artist began his creative path at the Leningrad Porcelain Factory. Here he worked until 1956 as a porcelain painter and animal sculptor, achieving the highest craftsmanship in overglaze and underglaze painting techniques. In addition to unique works, he created a number of samples for mass production. In 1956, he was awarded a silver medal for the painting of the "Samovars in the Hunting Estate" service at the International Exhibition in Brussels. The artist's favorite themes were hunting, animal and plant life, hence agitational and socially-oriented paintings are practically singular and do not determine the character of his work.

Condition: excellent preservation, without cracks, chips, or damage. Age 1960-1961, LFZ mark, size 25 cm in length and 13 cm in height, made of porcelain.

13 May 2024

53 000,00


CountryUSSR 1961 - 1985

Year1960-1961 г

By the manufacturer Leningrad Plant named after Lomonosov

Type Figurines

Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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