Scottish Terrier

Leningrad Plant named after Lomonosov


The LFZ "Scottish Terrier" figurine is a valuable exhibit in the famous collection of porcelain dogs of various breeds from the Leningrad Factory. The sculpture was created by the remarkable Soviet sculptor P. P. Veselov together with the artist V. M. Zhabanov. The talented animalist realistically conveyed the gentlemanly upbringing and unflappability characteristic of the Scottish Terrier in this charming little dog. Additionally, the figurine was associated by Soviet people with the partner of the famous clown Karandash (M. Rumyantsev), the small, funny, and cheerful dog Klyaksa, which charmed viewers at first sight. The figurine is in excellent condition, painted in natural, dark colors, and has a stamp on the base.

04 Dec 2023

13 800,00


CountryUSSR 1961 - 1985


By the manufacturerLeningrad Plant named after Lomonosov


Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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