Portrait of an English Gentleman: Art of the 18th Century

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Портрет английского джентльмена: искусство 18 века

(Active in the first half of the 18th century) Portrait of a nobleman. This representatively painted, life-sized half-length piece depicts a middle-aged gentleman in profile, wearing a white powdered wig. He is dressed in a reddish-brown justaucorps, with a white shirt underneath adorned with delicate lace cuffs. In a casual, self-assured, cosmopolitan pose, he holds his left hand over a globe, while his right hand rests on his hip. Among the English painters who could be considered as the artist of this high-quality portrait are Michael Dahl (1659-1743), Jonathan Richardson (1665-1745), Thomas Hudson (1701-1779), Joseph Highmore (1692-1780), and Thomas Frye (around 1710-1762), or their circle. Oil on canvas, relined; 128 cm x 103.5 cm. Framed. English portrait painter active in the first half of the 18th century; oil on canvas, relined.

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