Bacchanalian scene with fauns and nymphs: a fleeting composition.

Adolf Frey-Mook

Бакханальная сцена с фавнами и нимфами: мимолетная композиция

(1881 Jonakanton St. Gallen - 1954 Egnach/Kanton Thurgau) Bacchanalian scene with fauns and nymphs. A skillfully executed, fleeting composition, in which a faun plays the pan flute in the foreground and a reclining nymph observes a dancing couple playing the flute, which is illuminated brightly in the background, staged as if on a theater set. This is a stylistically typical, symbolist work by the Swiss painter, who went to Munich in 1902, where he studied at the Academy under Karl Raupp and Wilhelm von Diez, and became an assistant to Franz von Stuck in 1904. In his works, he was influenced intensively by both Stuck and Böcklin. Oil on cardboard. Signed. Approximately 21.1 cm x 29.5 cm. Framed.

27 Mar 2024

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Author Adolf Frey-Mook

Style Nu

Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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