Rose of Tivoli: animals and shepherds

Philip Peter Roose, also known as Rose of Tivoli.

Роза ди Тиволи: животные и пастухи

(1657 Frankfurt a. M. - 1706 Rome) Surrounding Resting Shepherd Couple with their Herd Roos, the almost never signed, primarily painted lively depicted goats and sheep as well as shepherds in rugged campagna landscapes. It is characteristic of his compositions that Roos dominates the animals in the foreground, so that they dominate the world of the campagna. Roos, who went to Rome in 1677 and later to Tivoli, achieved European fame with his fascinating animal representations in late Baroque and entered many significant collections. Oil on oak panel. 16.7 cm x 25.3 cm. Framed. Circle of Philipp Peter Roos called Rosa di Tivoli (1657 - 1706). Oil on oak panel.

19 Apr 2024

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