Ducros - the great artist of Rome.

Abraham-Louis-Rodolphe Dukross

Дюкрос - великий художник Рима

(1748 Moudon - 1810 Lausanne) attributed; The Falls of Tivoli 1783, possibly by Ducros, is a composition that is almost identical, only differing in details such as the staffage and the landscape view of the Falls of Tivoli, which suggests an attribution to the painter. Ducros depicts the waterfalls of Tivoli in a fragmentary manner from a lateral perspective from below, as an elevated natural spectacle. Highly effective in contrast are the delicate mist and the cascading water masses plunging downwards with the angular rock formations. This is also impressed by the small-looking couple in the foreground. Ducros lived from 1777 to 1793 as a landscape painter in Rome. With his monumental waterfalls, Roman temples, and park landscapes, Tivoli was a popular destination for educational travelers and painters of the 18th century. In Rome, Ducros may have been influenced by the work of Jacob Philipp Hackert, who is known for a series of comparable views of Tivoli from the 1780s. Ducros' landscapes themselves were sought after by wealthy and noble travelers on their Grand Tour, including Grand Duke Paul Romanov of Russia, King Gustav III of Sweden, and the wealthy English artist and art collector Sir Richard Colt Hoare. Oil on canvas; 100.5 cm x 73 cm. Framed. Attributed to Abraham-Louis-Rodolphe Ducros (1748-1810). Oil on canvas.

08 Jul 2024

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Author Abraham-Louis-Rodolphe Dukross

Style Landscape

Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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