The collection consists of 30 Meissen figures from the series "Dressed-up".


Коллекция из 30 фарфоровых фигур из серии "Замаскированные амуретты",

Amorettes / / Round, with plastic flowers and leaves covered base, partially also on baluster-shaped pedestal with relief or flower decoration. Among others, Amorette as a pilgrim, shepherd, cavalier, chimney sweep, judge, as a doctor with enema syringe, abbot, wig maker, marshal, winemaker, shellac water seller or as a courtly lady, fish and fruit dealer, gardener. Colored, partially floral patterned clothing. Polychrome painting with gold staffage. Either Johann Joachim Kaendler, supplemented by Michel Victor Acier. Restored; partly intact; partly crossed swords mark. Height 9 cm - 14 cm. Rare, extensive collection of the series "Disguised Amorettes" from the 18th century; Around 1750, a first set was created by Johann Joachim Kaendler (1706-1775), which was supplemented with further figures by Michel Victor Acier (1736-1799) around 1775. Amorettes from the 18th century are represented sporadically in national and international museums. A large number of figurines can be found in the British Museum in London (Inv. No. 1923,0314.34.CR - 1923,0314.46.CR. See also Catalogue State Porcelain Manufactory Meissen, Figures I, Large and small disguised Amorettes. A collection of 30 porcelain figures from the series "Disguised Amorettes" modeled by J.J. Kaendler in 1750 and supplemented by M.V. Acier around 1775. Restored. Partly chipped. Partly crossed swords mark. Meissen. Around 1750-1775.

04 Jun 2024

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By the manufacturer Meissen

Type Figurines

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