Sentence of seven Baroque forks

Столовый набор

Silver. Four-pronged, gradually expanding into a conically widening, edge-profiled handle, adorned on both sides with strapwork and floral calyxes. Additionally, the underside of the handle features a portrait medallion of a lady in profile. Partially indistinct hallmarks and maker's mark, mostly attributed to Master Abraham III Warnberger (became a master in 1702). Total weight approximately 295 g. Length 17.7 cm. See Seling 2007, No. 1894, BZ 1590. A German set of seven silver forks by Abraham III Warnberger (master since 1702). Partly indistinctly assayed and with master's mark. German. Augsburg. 1724-1728.

03 Dec 2023

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