Couple "Shepherd" and "Shepherdess"


Пара "Пастух" и "Пастушка"

On an irregular, nature-inspired pedestal adorned with plastic flowers and leaves, stands a flute-playing shepherd. As a counterpart, there is a shepherdess holding a bouquet of flowers in her right hand, her flower-filled apron draped upwards. A dog or a lying sheep can be seen on the ground. This polychrome painting is highlighted with gold contours. It is possibly the work of Johann Joachim Kaendler, although uncertain due to restoration or damage. Height is 17 cm. Refer to Adams, Meissen Portrait Figures, illustration on page 47. This is a pair of porcelain figures depicting a shepherd and shepherdess. They have been insignificantly restored or chipped. They bear the crossed swords mark of Meissen. Created around 1750.

20 Feb 2024

578 100,00




By the manufacturer Meissen

Type Figurines

Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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