Meissen lioness with cub


Фарфоровая фигурка львицы с детенышами.

On an irregular terrain base covered with plastic flowers and leaves, sits a lioness mother with a torn mouth, showing her teeth and protecting the young lying beneath her. The extremely naturalistic depiction showcases a muscular chest, sinewy legs, large paws, and the ribs on the flank, skillfully representing the anatomy of a big cat. The finely carved and brown-striped fur pattern adds to the polychrome painting. Possibly by Johann Joachim Kaendler, around 1740-1750. Some restoration; minimal damage. Underglaze blue crossed swords mark. Height 13 cm, length 15 cm. The work reports and tax records of Kaendler document his activity on various lion figures between 1740 and 1750, including the modeling of "1 lion of medium size" for King August III. Examples can be found in the inventory of the Dresden court confectionery and the "Six Pieces of Lion Porcelain" (according to the Brühl estate inventory) in the custody of Heinrich Count von Brühl. See Pietzsch, Swan Service, p. 264, no. 332a/catalog Early Meissen Porcelain, no. 59; Menzhausen/Karpinski, p. 196; Albiker, no. 158ff. A porcelain figure of a lioness with young. Insignificantly restored. Minor chipped. Crossed swords mark. Meissen. Around 1750.

16 May 2024

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By the manufacturer Meissen

Type Figurines

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