Collection of six Meissen figurines from the "Girl's Chapel".


Коллекция из шести фарфоровых фигур "девичьего оркестра"

On a rocaille-relief, gold-embossed base, there are seated or standing players of viola, cello, zither, violin, and bassoon, as well as a singer with a sheet of music, dressed in Rococo or antique-style clothing, partially adorned with plastic-applied flower garlands. Polychrome painting with gold staffage. Either by Johann Joachim Kaendler or partially marked with the press number 23. Partially restored or damaged; partially heavily blurred crossed swords mark. Height 12 cm - 14 cm. Compare exhibition catalog "Meissener, Museum Schloss Bad Pyrmont", page 170; Schnorr von Carolsfeld/Foerster, auction catalog Kunstsalon Paul Cassirer/Hugo Helbing, Berlin, 5th December 1929, number 129 - 137. A collection of six porcelain figures from the "girl orchestra". Partly impressed with number 23. Partly restored. Insignificantly chipped. Partly heavily blurred crossed swords mark. Meissen. Mid-18th century.

04 Jul 2024

939 400,00



YearСередина 18 века

By the manufacturer Meissen

Type Figurines

Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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