Complete cycle of Meissen figure chandeliers.


Complete cycle of Meissen figure chandeliers.

As allegories of the seasons, this four-piece set features rocaille-relief adorned pedestals, with bold volutes ascending and partially adorned with vine-like candle holders topped with vase-shaped tulles over leaf-relief adorned drip trays. Standing flora in floral-patterned white garments hold a bouquet of flowers in both hands, symbolizing spring. Ceres, representing summer, is dressed in a white cloak adorned with Native American flowers, holding a bundle of ears and a sickle. Bacchus, with a bundle of grapes, represents autumn. A bearded old man, as winter, warms his hands by a blazing fire, dressed in a fur-lined, purple-colored mantle. Each of the four figures is accompanied by a boy with corresponding attributes. Polychrome painting with rich gold staffage. Possibly by Johann Joachim Kaendler and possibly Peter Reinicke. Some parts missing or minimally restored. Some cracks and sword marks. Height 29 cm - 31 cm. Candlesticks of this kind were frequently used as table decorations for festive occasions. See Ayers, James A. De Rothschild Collection, No. 35; Walcha, Fig. 130; Rueckert, Fig. 716f. A complete series of figurative candlesticks representing the four seasons. Insignificantly restored. Partly minor chipped. Hairline cracks. Crossed swords mark. Meissen. Mid-18th century.

09 Feb 2024

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