Snuffbox with merchant ship decor.


Snuffbox with merchant ship decor.Snuffbox with merchant ship decor.
Snuffbox with merchant ship decor.

Passively curved, bombarded, and profiled corpus with lightly vaulted hinged lid. On the surrounding wall, a fantastical river landscape with an imposing castle complex. The floor with a corresponding view of the castle and ship. On the lid, a reserve surrounded by gold vines. Inside, a harbor view with an imposing city fortification, boats arriving and departing, and merchants in conversation. The inner lid with a Venetian harbor promenade, merchants in front of arriving sailing ships, and a large palazzo. Based on a copperplate print by Melchior Küsel after Johann Wilhelm Baur. Fine, polychrome painting. Gilded copper mounting, damaged. Height 3.6 cm, 5.9 cm x 5.4 cm. A porcelain snuff box with merchant scenes, partly Venetian city harbor scene after an engraving by M. Küsel. Restored. German. Probably Meissen. 2nd half of the 18th century.

03 Apr 2024

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By the manufacturer Meissen

Type Decorative items

Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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