Large portrait bust "Hippocrates"


Большой бисквитный фарфоровый бюст Гиппократа

On a highly elevated, glazed round base stands the bust of Hippocrates of Kos, an ancient Greek physician, made of biscuit porcelain. It is attributed to Carl Gottlieb Schubert, modeled in five different sizes around 1781. On the back, there is a name reference as well as an impressed, leaping horse with the letter "W" for the former Johann Heinrich Wegener (active 1758-1798) and the number 4 (size indication). There is a firing crack and damage. Collection; manufacturer's mark with an engraved "S". Height: 27 cm. See Ducret, Fürstenberger, Vol. III, p. 239ff and p. 269. A large biscuit porcelain bust of Hippocrates on a glazed base. Firing crack. Chipped. Manufacturer's mark: Fürstenberg. Around 1781.

10 May 2024

180 700,00



YearОколо 1781 года

By the manufacturer Fürstenberg

Type Decorative items

Lot location Moscow ( 77 )

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