Karl Ens is a German name.


The impressive interior porcelain figurine of a cockatoo is made at the Karl Ens factory, famous for its animalistic figurines. The figure of the parrot looks incredibly striking due to the elongated, contrasting pedestal in the form of a branch, in relation to the bird's painting. The colorful painting, conveying the natural color of these magnificent tropical birds, impresses with its richness and variety of shades.

The color transitions emphasize the exquisite detailing of the bird's feathers, creating the illusion of complete realism. The volumetric modeling of the feathers is supplemented by multi-layered detailing of the smaller elements. Thanks to this, each feather stands out and plays with the light, naturally forming the position of the bird's body, the curve of its back, and wings.

The artist of the figurine particularly succeeded in capturing the head of the parrot with its characteristic powerful beak and strong, gripping claws. The parrot figurine is made almost to actual size, it is full of life and dynamics, as if the bird is about to take flight, spreading its powerful wings. It dates back to the 1920s, and is marked as Karl Ens. Its size is approximately 28.5 cm, made of porcelain, and is in good condition with professional restoration of the gold plume.

07 Feb 2024

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By the manufacturer Karl Ens is a German name.

Type Figurines

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