A couple of Empire lemon baskets, one Plat de Menage-like.

KPM (Knallegårdens E.B. Design)

Несколько корзин , одна похожая на "Plat de Menage".

Table decoration of KPM-Berlin biscuit porcelain, partially glazed. Over a three-step pedestal with a concluding profiled edge, three male or female, square caryatids serve as carriers for a corresponding three-step bowl. Above a profiled base with a checkerboard-like plait pattern relief, the swinging, arch-shaped pierced wall is elaborately crafted. On the underside of the bowl, a fan relief painted in royal blue with a rosette. The caryatids are designed in a Greco-Roman manner, representing Flora (Chloris) or Bacchus (Dionysus) with flower crowns and vine leaves, symbolizing spring and autumn. Possibly by Johann Carl Friedrich Riese (active as a model master 1789-1834). Rich gold and green-bronze-colored staffage. H. 33 cm. With the beginning of classicism, there is an increasing departure from painted and also glazed porcelain towards biscuit. Johann Carl Friedrich Riese designed some table centerpieces with fruit bowls at the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century, which are carried by figures from Greek-Roman mythology and were modeled after ancient prototypes. Riese worked according to his own designs and according to the specifications of the architect Hans Christian Genelli. See Kollmann, Berlin Porcelain, Vol. I, p. 138ff., 185, 319; Vol. II, Plate 175a. A pair of Empire partly glazed gold and green-bronzed biscuit porcelain citron baskets with caryatids as table decoration. On the bottom, inventory no.; scepter mark. KPM-Berlin. Circa 1790.

07 Feb 2024

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By the manufacturer KPM (Knallegårdens E.B. Design)

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