Toucan figurine


Статуэтка ТуканСтатуэтка ТуканСтатуэтка ТуканСтатуэтка ТуканСтатуэтка ТуканСтатуэтка Тукан
Статуэтка Тукан

The magnificent porcelain figurine "Toucan" was produced at the German factory Wager & Apel. Germany. Dated 1974.

Dimensions: Height 22 cm. The exquisite and lovely figurine captivates the gaze. The extraordinary plasticity and realism impresses with its stylish composition.

The figurine is completely handmade, absolutely unique, and executed with great skill and unparalleled taste!

The private family manufactory Wager & Apel Lippelsdorf was founded in 1877 and was renamed several times when the surnames of the main owners changed, but it was always owned by one large family and specialized in the production of sculptural compositions, figurines, and figures.

Initially, it was called Porzellamaufakur Kuch&Co. 1877 - 1883, then Wager, Apel & Leube 1883-1901, Wager & Apel 1901-1948.

During the time of the GDR from 1948 to 1990, the factory was nationalized and was called V.E.B Porzellafigure Lippelsdorf. The owners and their descendants continued to work at the manufactory, but as hired employees. In 1990, the factory became private again and returned to the ownership of the Koch family descendants.

To this day, the manufactory continues to operate successfully and specializes in the production of various porcelain sculptures and figurines.

Condition: perfect preservation, without cracks or restoration. Factory: Wager & Apel manufactory, size: 22 cm height, material: porcelain.

13 May 2024

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