"Braunschweig box with a view of Dresden: an exquisite abundance of art"

Unknown Author

"Брауншвейгская коробка с видом Дрездена: изящная масса искусства"

Papier-mâché, black lacquered. Round with a beveled edge. On the lid, a finely depicted view of Dresden from the left bank of the Elbe, at the height of the embarkation points. On the horizon, the city silhouette with Frauenkirche, Belvedere, Brühlsche Terrasse, Catholic Hofkirche, and Augustusbrücke. In the foreground, figures of people on the Elbe meadows, including strollers and boat builders. On the Elbe, a large sailing boat and several rowing boats. Likely based on an etching titled "Dresden from the Morning Side" by Christian Friedrich Sprinck (1769-1831). Polychrome lacquer painting. Minimal damage. Height 1.8 cm, diameter 9.5 cm. See Richard Borek Foundation, Online Catalogue - Stobwasser, under "Landscapes," item "11068. View of Dresden" (similar motif). A Brunswick paper-mâché tobacco box from the 19th century, with a city view of Dresden, probably after an etching by Christian Friedrich Sprinck (1769-1831). Minor dents. Brunswick, 1st third of the 19th century.

15 May 2024

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Author Unknown Author

Style Landscape

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